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ΣViE MΛRTiNi is a filmmaker, multimedia and experimental artist.

"Important sh!t" : Summa Cum Laude college graduate with a BFA in film and animation ~

All material presented is created and owned by ΣViE MΛRTiNi (EViE MARTiNi) and falls under the Creative Commons license. Material not owned by ΣViE MΛRTiNi is stated in the descriptions of their respected places and falls within the necessary fair use guidelines. Content may be for adults over 18 and not suitable for children. Content may also contain flashing images and may not be suitable for all audiences. Please note accordingly. 


Please do not unlawfully distribute work created by ΣViE MΛRTiNi and/or share any work on social media platforms without giving proper credit.

Thank you.

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